Know the facts and find out why we offer a better Walkin Bathtub: The ABS Walkin Tub

First understand that whirlpool tubs and garden tubs have been in homes for over 30 years. They have been installed without a steel frame, and have served their owners well.

American Bathing Solutions walk-in tubs are 3 times thicker than the old style walk-in tub, which means no cracking or spidering of the fiberglass (a major problem with other manufacturers walk-in bathtubs).

By eliminating the steel frame the American Bathing Solutions walk-in tub is able to sit lower to the ground, thus creating the revolutionary 2 ½” step in, the lowest threshold of any walk-in bathtub made. (The average step up for walk in tubs is 6 to 9 inches.)

Other reasons we eliminated the Steel Frame​:
With the steel frame style of walk-in tubs, if a jet or faucet were to break or start leaking, you would have no room to fix this or any other problem that might occur, without first removing the entire tub, fixing the problem, then re-installing the tub.

The steel frame style of walk-in tubs (usually made in China or Europe) also has a builder’s flange around the edge that causes the walls to have to be removed, or if tiled, then re-tiled as well.

Our Better Walk-In Tub:

The American Bathing Solutions walk-in tub has ample room to work or fix any problem within minutes, without the headache of time consuming and often costly tub removal and replacement.

Ease of installation and the ability to perform maintenance are two very important features that set the American Bathing Solutions walk-in tubs apart from other tubs. Since this newly designed tub does not have a steel cradle frame, it is much easier to install, and can easily be installed by any licensed plumbing contractor.

Thorough, easy-to-follow installation instructions are provided. Service is made easy because the whole front panel comes off for easy access to the plumbing and motor. That’s different from most other tubs currently on the market, which only have two small panels, making it almost impossible to reach any plumbing problem without uninstalling whole the tub completely.

Because the American Bathing Solutions walk-in bathtub is thicker and stronger, it will not flex or wobble like other walk-in tubs. Also, the extra thick walls are warrantied not to graze, spider crack, chip, or de-laminate after years of use.

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A Walk-In Bathtub is the safe solution to staying in your home longer.